What's a Lead Duck?

Lead Ducks are Moms, Dads, or grandparents who give of their time to greatly improve the Duck Duck Goose experience for the shoppers. Lead Ducks share their time, talents, and resources to help at the event, thus improving the sale profits of even your own items!
Lead Duck Perks
  • Get the BEST merchandise and SAVE the MOST MONEY!
  • It's FUN! You will meet new moms and make lasting friends through DDG!
  • It's a great change of pace! Mom's need a break and really ENJOY helping out!
  • Lines are shorter during Lead Duck shopping!

  • What's New about Volunteers?
    Lead Duck and Team Mom volunteers invest 4-8 hours on site by helping at the Duck Duck Goose store. The more hours you volunteer, the earlier you shop!

    There are 3 levels of volunteering you can choose from.
  • Team Moms volunteer 8 hours inside the store and are the very FIRST group to shop!
  • Royal Lead Duck Volunteers contribute to the event by being available for two 4 hour shifts, one of which has to be inside the store.
  • Lead Duck Volunteers have many options including donating a gift card, providing refreshments, postcard or poster distribution, or working one 4 hour shift inside the store.

  • Earn your Team Mom Pass!
    A Team Mom is a mom that lends a hand for TWO 4 hour shifts inside the store (double credit shifts and gift cards do not qualify). Team Moms are able to recruit their spouse, mom, or dad to help work one or both shifts. This earns a TEAM MOM PASS and the ability to shop with just TEAM MOMS before other volunteers. This shopping time will offer the very first chance to find the best bargains in a less crowded shopping environment.
    Earn your Royal Lead Duck Pass!
    Here are four easy ways to earn this pass. Remember, it requires one 4 hour store shift.
  • Double Credit Shift - Volunteer 4 hours, but receive 8 hours of credit:
    • Help during a sorting shift
    • Man Shift: Help load or unload the DDG truck
    • Lunch or dinner for all workers
  • Donate a gift card + 4 hour store shift
  • Marketing shift + 4 hour store shift (Postcard and poster distribution to schools, daycares, neighbors, and local businesses)
  • Donate refreshments + 4 hour store shift (Donate 1 big bag of chocolate, three 12 pack Coke products, and 1 case of water)

  • Earn your Lead Duck Pass!
    Choose one option:
  • 4 hour shift in the store
  • Food gift card
  • Marketing shift (postcard and poster distribution)
  • Refreshment break (donate 1 big bag of chocolate, three 12 pack Coke products, and 1 case of water)

  • Man Shift! Sign him up!
    It is espeically helpful when husbands will serve in place of the wife so she can shop early. There are needs such as loading and unloading the DDG truck, set-up and breakdown of the store. Many "man shifts" offer double credit and provide one of the earliest shopping passes! Men also carry out large items and provide security for our shoppers.

    Wives, volunteer your man and you will receive either a 4 hour or 8 hour Pre-Sale pass! Sign him up... easy stuff!
    Meals for the Volunteers
    We have two opportunities to help feed our hard working volunteers. Earn an 8 hour Lead Duck Pre-Sale pass by volunteering to prepare a nice lunch or dinner and deliver it to the sale site. Meal prep enables you to work from home and be among the very first to shop the incredible DDG bargains!

    Don't have time to cook? A second option is to bring a $35 food gift card on the volunteer schedule. Bring your card when you check your clothing into the sale and you will earn a 4 hour Lead Duck Pre-Sale pass!
    Thank YOU!
    We appreciate each and every Lead Duck team member! No matter how great or small the tasks, your time, connection, and resources help Duck Duck Goose be the best place to consign and shop! A large event requires a large team working together! Our THANK YOU incentive is allowing you to shop first! Make it even funner by grabbing a friend, mom, or sister and spend some time with other Moms just like you!
    How do I get started?
    It's easy! After you've signed in to your account, choose the sale that works best for your schedule and pick a shift. That's it!