What's a Lead Duck?

Lead Ducks are Moms, Dads, or grandparents who give of their time to greatly improve the Duck Duck Goose experience for the shoppers. Lead Ducks share their time, talents, and resources to help at the event, thus improving the sale profits of even your own items!
Lead Duck Perks
  • Get the BEST merchandise and SAVE the MOST MONEY!
  • It's FUN! You will meet new moms and make lasting friends through DDG!
  • It's a great change of pace! Mom's need a break and really ENJOY helping out!
  • Lines are shorter during Lead Duck shopping!

  • How does it work?
    Lead Ducks contribute to the event by being available for one or two 2 hour shifts. Those who help with two 2 Hr shifts equates to an 8 Hr Royal Lead Duck shift and are the FIRST in the door to shop! Consigning Moms can also be a part of the Lead Duck Team through meal preparation for the DDG workers, advertising prior to the event, or contributing of any talents or connections that will contribute to making an even greater event!

    There are even Double Credit man shifts available during Truck Loading/Unloading to Move In, Move Out, and Sorting where you help us at crucial times for one 2 hr shift but earn an 4 hr ROYAL Lead Duck credit! There are also shifts for working moms, new or pregnant moms, and those with limited standing restraints. Just email us at information@duckduckgoosesale.com if a shift needs to be created for your time or physical limitations or to change the hours just a bit.

    Our desire is to make it work so you can shop early! or physical limitations or to change the hours just a bit. Thank YOU!
    We appreciate each and every Lead Duck Team Member! No matter how great or small the tasks, your time, connection, and resources help Duck Duck Goose be the best place to consign and shop! A large event requires a large team working together! Our THANK YOU incentive is allowing you to shop first! Make it even funner by grabbing a friend, mom, or sister and spend some time with other Moms just like you!
    How do I get started?
    It's easy! After you've signed in to your account, choose the sale that works best for your schedule and pick a shift. That's it!