Sale Dates and Information

Little Rock Fall
State Fair Grounds Hall of Industry
2600 Howard Street
Little Rock 72206
Driving Directions

Saturday, September 23 2017 8:00AM - 6:00PM
Sunday, September 24 2017 10:00AM - 5:00PM
Thursday, September 28 2017 8:00AM - 3:30PM
Friday, September 29 2017 8:00AM - 7:00PM
Saturday, September 30 2017 8:00AM - 3:00PM

One Big Sale... Two Big Weekends!!!

Consignor Drop Off:
Wednesday, September 20 2017 12:00PM - 8:00PM
Thursday, September 21 2017 9:00AM - 7:00PM

Volunteer Pre-Sale Shopping Times:
  • Royal Lead Ducks (8 Hour Volunteer Credit): Friday, September 22 9:00AM
  • Lead Ducks (4 Hour Volunteer Credit): Friday, September 22 11:00AM
  • Consignor Besties: Friday, September 22 12:30PM (Consignors who mark ALL items half price AND donate)
  • All Consignors: Friday, September 22 1:00PM
  • First Time Moms: Friday, September 22 3:00PM (Print Free Admission Pass by Clicking Here)
  • Active Military: Friday, September 22 3:00PM (Show Military ID at the Door for Free Admission!)
  • DDG Text Club VIP Members: Friday, September 22 5:00PM
  • Facebook Friends: Friday, September 22 6:00PM (Show us on your phone that you LIKE our page! Free Admission!)
  • Instagram Followers: Friday, September 22 6:00PM (Show us on your phone that you follow us! Free Admission!)

    Lead Ducks are Moms, Dads, or grandparents who give of their time to greatly improve the Duck Duck Goose experience for the shoppers. Lead Ducks share their time, talents, and resources to help at the event, thus improving the sale profits of even your own items!

    Lead Duck Perks
  • Get the BEST merchandise and SAVE the MOST MONEY!
  • It's FUN! You will meet new moms and make lasting friends through DDG!
  • It's a great change of pace! Mom's need a break and really ENJOY helping out!
  • Lines are shorter during Lead Duck shopping!

  • What's New about Volunteers?
    Two Options for Earning Lead Duck Early Shopping Passes!

    Option 1: 8 Hour Lead Duck Pre-Sale Pass
    Shop Friday, September 22, at 9:00am

  • Team Moms - Sign up for TWO 4 hour Team Mom shifts and serve in the DDG STORE. You can recruit your spouse, mom, dad, or teen over the age of 16 to help with one of your shifts. You get to shop early and EARN A HIGH PERCENTAGE (75%) of your sales! You will receive an 8 Hour Lead Duck Pre-Sale Pass, plus 75% of your sales! Please note that only Team Mom shifts qualify for the higher sale percentage.
  • Double Credit Man Shift - Load in/Load Out - This is a 4 hour double credit shift for the man in your life. This shift involves helping to load or unload the DDG truck and assists with setting up or moving out of the DDDG store. Your main will help 4 hours and you will get the 8 hour Lead Duck Pre-Sale pass.
  • Double Credit Sorter Shift - Help group clothing by consignor number at the end of the sale. This shift is perfect if you need a weekend shift. Work 4 hours and receive the 8 hour Lead Duck Pre-Sale pass. Look for this shift on the volunteer calendar on the last Saturday and Sunday of the sale week.
  • Double Credit Meal Shift - Sign up and prepare a tasty meal for 20 volunteers and deliver it to the Fairground and earn an 8 hour shopper pass.

  • Option 2: 4 Hour Lead Duck Pre-Sale Pass
    Shop Friday, September 22, at 11:00am

  • 4 Hour Store Shift - Sign up to serve a 4 hour store shift and receive a Team Member 4 Hr Shopper Pass. Help with consignor check-in, store organization, dressing room hostess, customer service, or as a store hostess and receive a 4 Hr Lead Duck Pre-Sale Pass.
  • Marketing Shift - Help spread the word about the Duck Duck Goose Sale several weeks before the sale. Distribute postcards/posters to your daycare, pre- school, Mother’s Day Out or local school and get them into the hands of moms! This shift also helps place a DDG sign in the Day Care or school yard to promote the sale. This volunteer will make sure the sign is removed at the end of the DDG Sale.
  • $35 Gift Card - If you do not have time to volunteer, but you want to shop early, sign up to bring a $35 gift card to consignor check in and receive a 4 Hr Lead Duck Pre-Sale Pass

  • Man Shift! Sign him up!
    It is espeically helpful when husbands will serve in place of the wife so she can shop early. There are needs such as loading and unloading the DDG truck, set-up and breakdown of the store. Many "man shifts" offer double credit and provide one of the earliest shopping passes! Men also carry out large items and provide security for our shoppers.

    Wives, volunteer your man and you will receive either a 4 hour or 8 hour Pre-Sale pass! Sign him up... easy stuff!

    Meals for the Volunteers
    We have two opportunities to help feed our hard working volunteers. Earn an 8 hour Lead Duck Pre-Sale pass by volunteering to prepare a nice lunch or dinner for about 20 people and deliver it to the sale site. Meal prep enables you to work from home and be among the very first to shop the incredible DDG bargains!

    Don't have time to cook? A second option is to bring a $35 food gift card on the volunteer schedule. Bring your card when you check your clothing into the sale and you will earn a 4 hour Lead Duck Pre-Sale pass!

    Thank YOU!
    We appreciate each and every Lead Duck team member! No matter how great or small the tasks, your time, connection, and resources help Duck Duck Goose be the best place to consign and shop! A large event requires a large team working together! Our THANK YOU incentive is allowing you to shop first! Make it even funner by grabbing a friend, mom, or sister and spend some time with other Moms just like you!

    Ready to Volunteer?
    We'd love to have you on our volunteer team, so if you're ready to sign up, click here to learn more!
    Half Price:
    Thursday, September 28 2017 4:00PM - 9:00PM Early Half Price for Volunteers
    Thursday, September 28 2017 5:00PM - 9:00PM Early Half Price for Consignors
    Thursday, September 28 2017 6:00PM - 9:00PM (Early Half Price for VIP Text Club Members Only! Free Admission! Simply Text DDG to 90210 for FREE Shopping Pass. Show the text on your phone at the door.)
    Saturday, September 29 2018 8:00AM - 7:00PM
    Saturday, September 30 2017 8:00AM - 3:00PM

    DDG VIP Text Club:
    Text DDG to 90210 for FREE Shopping Pass
    Item Limit:
    100 per consignor ID. If you would like to bring more items, simply create another account with an additional email address and register for the sale.
    Restock Days:
    Sunday, September 24 2017 5:00PM - 7:00PM
    Registered consignors can replace the items they have sold thus far during the sale.
    Check and Item Pickup:
    Sunday, October 1 2017 4:00PM - 7:00PM
    Monday, October 2 2017 9:00AM - 1:00PM

    Junior Clothing in better junior brands are limited to 25 items per consignor. Tee Shirts are not accepted in Juniors or Women’s. Items that sell best are jeans, tops, dresses, athletic clothing, hoodies, and purses. Junior Sizes are odd numbers, 1, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13 and 15. We accept brands such as Hollister, Abercrombie, and Boutique Clothing. Old Navy, Aeropostale, Faded Glory, Arizona, and other bargain brands are not accepted. All items must in style. Duck Duck Goose may choose not to accept items based on condition, inventory, smell, and discernment of what our stain busters feel will sell.

    Baby Items: Sizes 12 months and under will be limited to 50 hanging items per consignor. In addition to clothing, you are encouraged to bring baby equipment such as strollers, pack n plays, exersaucers, swings as well as bottles, wipe warmers, blankets, toys, and other non hanging baby items.

    Please remember to bring your best! Items that sell best are jeans, tops, dresses, athletic clothing, shoes, purses, and pants. All items are subject to stain busters approval.